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Empowering U 4 Life

Our Mission: Finding your Value.  Finding your Voice.  Finding your Purpose. 

Stress, depression, and low self-esteem are a common part of adolescence that is often carried into adulthood.  I know, because that was me.  Those feelings blocked me from adventures, experiences, and so many opportunities.  Not to mention, critical judgment of myself for having low self-esteem.  

I created the course  Empowering U 4 Life because  I believe that knowing your own voice, values, and worth, is key to making it in this world.  It is key to being at peace, happy and content in this life, in the body.  This path that we are currently on, will have bumps.  Being in alignment and in connection with who we truly are and what we want to be will help us deal with these obstacles in a healthy way. 

Empowering U 4 Life is a balance of holistic and conventional methods to guide and assist.   It is made up of self-reflections and gentle challenges that build confidence, empower and help develop and practice self-connection.  This type of work prepares us to be in better, deeper control over the energies we project and those we allow into our space.  Making our space a Sacred Safe Home.


During this course, we dive into the development of the self relationship and connection.  Our Mission: Finding your Value.  Finding your Voice.  Finding your Purpose. 

Empowering U 4 Life is a journey, set up to remind us that although there are things out of our control, we have control over the most powerful tools.  Ourself, Our thoughts and Our actions.

To the student: What is Empowering U 4 Life?  


 It is a safe space to learn and become comfortable with yourself through various holistic modalities. I coach techniques that tweens and teens can use to become better connected with themselves; help them find their voice and discover their passions and potential in this world. Everyone is in a different place in their journey, I meet you where you are and offer a guiding hand over the rocky topics and situations.

Additional Classes

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