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Welcome to Reiki

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Welcome, welcome to this class, welcome to this journey. When I signed up for my Reiki Level I class. I was nervous and yet excited at the same times. I now know, I was pulled in this direction by the Universe and I am immensely grateful that I flowed into this energy.

I had so many questions: How do I prepare? What do I bring to class? How do I continue after the class is over? I googled it of course. And this is what I recommend:

To prepare:

Set aside time to connect with yourself. Be in silence, close your eyes and see, feel and sense the air coming into your nose, into your chest and down into your lungs. Keep it slow, easy and in control. Close your eyes and enjoy the journey within. Sit as long as you like.

Be kind to your sacred body:

  • Drink more water then you usually do. Think about it, things flow with water, our bodies are made up of 55 – 78% of water. If you are like me, the thought of drinking water, oh I dread. But adding just 1 – 2 additional glasses a day is was totally doable.

  • Eat healthy meals. Things that will easily (be digested) flow through your body. Reiki is being clear channel in which energy flows.

  • Get rest

Practice being present. This can be meditation and/or as simple as washing dishes or folding laundry. Be present and focus in the activity.

Ground – Again, this can be meditation and/or as simple as playing with clay or repotting plants.

Journal – Start a journal. Write whatever resonates with you on this day. Other suggested topics could include Why Reiki? What it is? Have fun. As you progress through the class, it may be of interest to you, how your definitions expand and grow.

Have a fabulous day.....more to come.

In Love and Light,

Adrienne Bentley, Reiki Master

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