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Who's Thighs are These??

Winter, now topped off with quarantine has added some, well let's just say, "thickness" to my thighs. So much so that I do not know even recognize them! The scale says I weight the same, but my clothes don't fit the same, which means to me, that I have lost some muscle and gained quite a bit of fat.

Oh my! I don't know about you, but I have made some not so healthy choices over these past 2 seasons. Yeah, I said, seasons, cause that is the way I am viewing this "quarantine". The Universe, for some reason has decided that we need more time, inside, in reflection. So, I have been using this time to advance my studies in reiki, intuition, meditation and apparently eating (CHIPS)! Don't get me wrong, I tried to stay away from the bad foods, but I am not going to stop eating it! So I decided, I betta get my butt movin'.

During the month of May, I am supporting myself by showing up and taking an interest in my health and fitness. In this next layer of practice, physical self care will be of focus.

So, I am also doing a fitness challenge, 31 days of activities, including 300 mini squats a day. Either the top or bottom, not full squats, I need to take care of my knees. I measured my thighs, 25, 24 1/2. I am NOT about to put a picture up, I will spare you that vision! And I am not just focusing on the number, I know what fat looks like and I know that food is fuel for my body. I am not getting any younger so burning off calories is key, so I will be reevaluating my relationship with food.

In addition, I will be practicing another 31 days journeying into the Akashi Records, and 31 days of Reiki as well. I am excited to share, that as part of my next level of Reiki training, I will be doing free distance reiki on friends. If you are interested in helping me with my homework assignment, sign up for my newsletter and I will reach out to you for a free distance reiki session!

And finally 31 days of positive affirmations into the mirror! Cool right! I will also be anointing my self with Valor essential oil blend. Manifesting courage, kindness and self love.

Be safe everyone.

Love, light and peace!

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