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2020 ½ Year Review

2020 has been very interesting and unique. We have had numerous planets in retrograde, eclipses, extraordinary full moons, palindromic, pandemics, etc. It is safe to say the year has not let us down as far as excitement goes.

For me, it has been about, introspection, clarity, opportunities, and possibilities for growth of self and community.

I think Mother Nature wanted to make sure we got the most out of this unique year. Hence the pandemic quarantine.

And She asked us some tough questions.

With Aries “I am” Energy, She askes, Who are you? How do you relate to Yourself.

With Taurus “I have” Energy, She is asking you to look at what you value; toilet paper tended to be at the top of most peoples list this year.

With Gemini “I think” Energy, She is asking us to look for information thru our peers, our social networks.

And then we have Cancer “I care” Energy, She is asking about our nurturing, what makes us feel safe and gives us that home feeling.

Whew! Now, that is a lot of work, I agree. No one said, Self growth was easy and I believe it should not be. All relationships take hard work, right? Why should developing a relationship with yourself be any different?

But I ask you, to take a moment and journal about each one of these energies and what you felt during those months.

For me, Aries season was about nurturing and being comfortable within a relationship with myself.

Taurus season was about looking at those tangible things that fell to the bottom of the list, because they were not of my True Value. Yes, toilet paper was on still on my list, but I examined my values and flipped from tangibles to inward, inner self values. Deep right, I AM a Scorpio after all.

Gemini Energy – I am still shaking my head about this one, the extremes, oh the extremes…. I have learned from my peers that when we are scared, we bite back, whether it is with negativity, harsh words and/or unfortunately violence, so much violence....(sigh) And I have also learned from my peers that we are all a version of each other and we have the power to Be the change. I love my Alchemy Family, Dave, Padma, Anna, Anne, Jacqueline, Naomi, Julie, Suzanne, Parita, Leslie and Yolanda. If I wasn’t for you, beautiful loves, I am sure I would not have grown into this beautiful Flower of Life that I am.

And finally Cancer Energy, the Mother of the Zodiac. This season for me was about kindness, caring and being Reiki. Not just for others, but also to and for MySelf.

Kyo dakewa

I Karuna

Shin Pai Suna

Kansha shite

Gyo o hage me

Hito ni shin set su ni

Thank you Matt Laufer for allowing me to showcase your above painting. You are my brother, mentor, shaman. Check out Matt's story and his work. He has a remarkable story of inspiration and diligence

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