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Adrienne's Birthchart Reading... Initial Layers

How my needs are met:

My Sun is in Scorpio in the 11th House

I examine, deep dive to transform; Ruled by Pluto - energy of regeneration, transformation to evolve higher via deep deep diving

Where your significant contributions to life is espressed:

11th House -

~ focus on group dynamics, social groups, networking; how we treat and fit into these groups, how we view group as a whole

~ Hopes. Dreams. Destiny & Opportunity reside here as well.

~ Possiblities that come to us as well as those we create

~ Philanthropy & views of society, desire to promote welfare of others charitable, care giver

Coaching, Life Coaching, The Alchemy Tribe,Reach 4 An Oil, Empowering U 4 Life, Veterinary Nurse, Care Giver

What are my needs:

My moon is in Pisces in the 3rd House

I am a visionary, romantic, empathic, psychic abilities, artistic. Need to feel that all is possible, optimistic

How I express my emotion:

3rd House

~ communication - written, verbal and conscious - mental connection

~ intelligence

~ Early education

~ Harnesing our intelligence and sharing it effectively

Empowering U 4 Life, Blog

Sun and Moon Blend:

Sun = spirit, expression, personality. Moon = Emotion, Subconscious, Fulfullment

I examine and research as much as I can to find answers/fix, to find and make all possible; digging deeper to develop and transform personal powers; rebirth and evolve to higher self-oneness; in touch with higher self, via self discovery and love.

How others see me, how do I move thru the world:

My Rising sign is in Sagittarius

wise, educated, learned though growth, philosophical, friendly, optimistic, needs to feel to have own thoughts, own ideas and ways of doing things.

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