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Dry land Weeks 3 & 4

10 Burpee push ups

10 Jump forward squats

10 Two Leg Mountain Climbers

10 Superman - back extensions

20 Flutter kicks on your side

1 - 3 Plank holds 60 secs

Challenge: Baby Shark Abs - it is on Youtube.

Some strong suggestions here. Take your time, work on alignment. Keep back straight. Have fun.

Burpee push ups - make sure to jump up into stream line position before going to the floor for your push up. Don't arch your back on the push up. Swimmer burpees start and end with a vertical stream line jump/explosion.

Jump 4-ward squats - Squat, Jump forward and squat again. To increase the intensity of your workout, jump farther forward and really use your momentum to jump up and forward. (Modified - jump straight up, instead of forward). When going down into your squat, do not lean forward, try to keep the back straight and Keep your knees behind your toes.

Two Leg Mountain Climbers - both legs come up together at the same time

Superman back extensions - go slowly and really focus on the back. Nose to the mat and slowly back up and hold

Flutter kicks on your side - keep those legs long and kick from the hip, NOT the knee. Remember to work each side.

Plank holds - every 15 seconds alternate high plank and low plank. Recover into child's pose, focus on lifting and arching your back to the ceiling, hold this position for 60 seconds. If you are doing more then one set of these, rest 60 seconds and repeat. For a more intense work out, reduce the rest by 15 second intervals.

Rest 3:00 minutes - Grab some water and repeat

Red 3x

Bronze 5x

Silver 7x

Gold 9x

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