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Grab your mat and painters tape for this Free Style Dry Land


Rail road what?! Free style is about alignment, efficiency and effortless.

The Catch aka the pull – are the wheels of your train.

Let’s make your tracks:

Grab your painters tape and sharpie . For this you will need 6 pieces of painters tape. On 2 pieces of the painters tape, write “eyes here”. On the other 2 pieces write “finger tips here”.

1. Stand facing the wall, arms length away. Cover one eye, look at the wall and point where your eye lands on the wall, mark that location with tape labeled “eyes here” Make sure it is at your eye level. Repeat with the other eye.

2. Put your arms in position 11, and place your finger tips on the wall, about 6 inches above your head. Make sure to keep the elbow soft and not lock out the elbow. Mark that location with tape labeled “finger tips here”. (ok, you will probably need help here).

3. Take a long piece of painters tape, depending on your height. Use the painters tape to mark your stroke track for each arm. This is the vertical line your palm makes thru the water. Like rail road tracks, your body is the train.

You are now ready to do the Rail Road Tracks – this is a free style drill, working rotation, breathing and high elbows though out the stroke.

a. Make sure to rotate the hips and shoulders. Keeping your eyes on the “eyes here” stickers. Start with small slow rotations around 45° and gradually increase your rotation to 90°. Remember it is not about speed, remember to pull and catch the water (air) to push it past you. Try to keep your fingertips stay on the wall as long as possible, to ensure, you finish your stroke. Where is that? Generally mid-thigh. Palms should always be facing down to your feet.

b. Practice your breathing. Remember your exhale is longer then your inhale. Exhale facing forward, inhale turning your head to the side, 90°. Those new to rotary breathing, take another piece of painters tape, make a candle and place it on the wall, where your mouth would be. Just below your eyes, you should have a smiley face on the wall. Exhale to candle – while, inhale when you turn your head to the side.

c. The goal here is to get the advanced level of standing on your tippy toes as you do this drill. It makes the rotation a lot easier. So, now that you are masters at this, go ahead and try it on your tippy toes. The higher you go on your toes the more balance you will be working.


For legs and abs. Keep your legs straight, toes pointed. You can place your hands under your bump. Some people like the extra support. Focus on toes to ceiling, instead of knees to ceiling. And kick.

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