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I flow in Capricorn's Energy...say what?!

I sat back and just allowed myself to flow with the energy.

Today was meant to happen just this way.

Yesterday, I began, the final portion of this phase of my Reiki Master Training. And today, even though, I worked the overnight, I had the endless energy and motivation to complete this level of my training and I did so with grace and ease.

Today was meant to happen just this way.

The numerology of these dates, 1/14/2021, reduces down to Master number 11. This Master number brings energy of higher intuition and spiritual insight. For me it also carries the energy of discipline, clear channel and clear path. And today, my day of completion 1/15/2021, reduces down to 12, yin and yang in balance. (1 = masculine energy, 2 = feminine energy) and then that further reduces to 3. (1+2=3). 3, being my favorite number and having super amplifier energies. Gosh I love numbers!!!

I also did not realize it was my oldest brothers birthday. His presence is definitely felt as I completed this course. He was a doer, very disciplined, straightforward and kind. I am in gratitude that his energy was present. I love and miss you Derrie, thank you for your guidance.

I want to thank the Masters, past, present and future for their guidance. My Reiki Master Yolanda for always choosing the topics/areas/guidance that resonates and has allowed me to grow over these past 12 months. At the beginning of 2020, I said, I wanted to be a Reiki Master, but I was concerned about my discipline and commitment. She has helped me to understand, it is all a process/ a journey and every moment is the experience. That there is always an opportunity to practice.

Be the experience is coming up for me to say here.

I have much appreciation and gratitude for the path that Yolanda is walking and the light she is radiating into not only my path but so many others!

Today was meant to happen just this way.

I pulled a card in celebration of my completion of this milestone. I asked what energy assisted me on this journey to Master. The Friendship & Union Card presented itself. It is perfect! When I started my journey, one of my intentions was to find like minded people in search of the same things. Yolanda has led me to the Seekers Circles and The Alchemy Circle. I humbly, thank my fellow Alchemist, for all of their motivation, support, encouragement, study sessions, meditations and understanding. Couldn't ask for a better group to hang out with in journey.

Today was meant to happen just this way.

Todays medication was about self-love and self-acknowledgement.

What would it be like to love and accept myself unconditionally?

No more fears about my radiance, my gifts, my ability to help and heal, my deservance (is that a word), my awareness and acknowledgment of Self, of Adrienne in all Divine.

I love you Adrienne, big forehead, dark circles under the eyes, curvy hips and All


I want to teach Reiki to kids. I am taking my coaching to a new level!!!

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