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Leo Energy....Roar and Shine from the Heart

Players in the game: Exiting energy: Cancer - home, nurturing, family, mother energy of zodiac Current energy: Leo - bold, confident, creative

Incoming energy:

Virgo - Analyzing and adaptability Retrograde energies: Jupiter - growth, expansion to a higher consciousness

Pluto - death to rebirth, transformation for wisdom Saturn - how you seek to establish yourself, lessons Mercury - communication, expression of thought

Neptune - idealize, dreams, spirituality

*Uranus - Innovation, progression, awakenings Moon energies: New Moon Leo - see current energy above Full Moon in Aquarius - unique, forward thinker, akward We are coming out of an energy of nurturing, family and caring. I am hopeful that you took time to nurture your self, your creations and your passions. Because this month is about action!

Leo, the King of the Month, is confident, creative, compassionate and courageous. The 4C's of Leo energy. This energy focuses on expressions and leadership. This is a time to create and confidently, let others know about our creations and passions. Be in observance of how we shine out into the Universe, how we show up and what we are radiating outward. Leo is fixed fire, so be intentional and authentic with your actions as you let your passion and strength shine. However, practice maintaining your balance as Leo energy is proud and the ego must remain tamed to work well with the other energies. Leo is ruled by the Sun, which brings added illuminations to your practices and passions.

Now when we add the planet retrograde energies into the soup. There are some deep ingredients here Pluto death and rebirth, Jupiter expansion for wisdom. These mixed flavoring of transformation, play right along with Uranus's energy of progression into awaken. And Saturn and Mercury are reminding us that what we have established outselves, so it is time to open our mouths and share our lessons learned and embrace our spiritual awakening. So, how do I exchange with this incoming energies? Well, the message from Saturn and Mercury really resonates with me. I need to get better at opening my mouth and letting community know what I do and how I guide people on their journeys. The lessons I learned during Cancerian season, of cultivating trust in my craft and gifts is being put into action as I broadcast my passions and creations. Shine Adrienne Shine. Lets see what energies the remaining players of the month will bring... The energy of the number 8 is about balance, harmony and alignment. In addition to, power, abundance, manifestations and unlimited potential. It is also about infinity, the infinite cycles of our existence, lemniscates. On 8/1/21 Lughnashadh (the First Harvest) - is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season. During the period of the first harvest, we have gratitude in the abundance and bounty we have manifested and we remember to thank Mother Earth and Father Sun, because without their gifts there would be no harvest. To show gratitude and appreciation in movement, click this link for a grounding and connection exercise. On 8/8/21, the peak of the Lion's Gate Portal!! What was that, what is the Lion's Gate Portal, only the most illuminating and powerful time of the year! It is the time of year when the brightest star Siruis, comes into alignment with it baby brother, the Sun. Together these sibling stars raise the frequency and vibrate to a level that makes Aug. 8 a fabulous day for manifesting success and making your dreams and passions come to fruition. Powerful, right! Wait there is more! . This year, the peak of the gateway is extra powerful and illuminating, as it is also the new moon in Leo. With the new moon on the 8th day of the 8th month, makes this a prime time for spiritually leveling up and creating changes in our lives. During this lunation, the moon will align with the Sun in Leo bringing in a lunar cycle, that showcases our passions and supercharges our ability to create with courage and compassion, three fold! It is a triple illuminating spot light! As this will be a collective movement for all, lets set intentions to come into an inner and outer balance, physical and mental growth for our highest good of self and community; the Mind, Body & Soul connection.

8/19/21 Uranus joins the retrograde party! Allowing us another chance to look at our innovations and come into alignment with deeper awaken and unexpected events.

On 8/22/21 Full Moon in Aquarius, relationships might be unbalanced as Full Moon in Aquarius has a need for emotional freedom. You might chose logic over emotions, may be lost in thought, make the most of it. Grab your journal write down those innovative out of the box thoughts and create! Fyi, Aquarius is ruled by maybe grab a few journals, as an abundance of creative ideas may start to pour in, as you revisit and revise with the retrograde energy of Uranus.

On 8/23/21 Sun moves into Virgo. Analyzing and adaptability...more to come on that next month. The Tarot Theme of the month: The major Arcana "Strength". As we bring out higher self into alignment with our ego, we can see the lion (ego) tame and become compassion and display its heart. And the storms begin to clear as we walk side by side in our alignment.

Students: This time of year does mean school will be starting soon, instead of being sad. I challenge you to take the time to put into practice how you will express and create experiences once the bell rings. How will you show up, how do you want to be seen? How will you create your best experiences for yourself and others in this upcoming school year?

Entrepreneurs: Hopefully you have passion in the field you are 'preneuring'. If not, take action, seek and move into alignment with your passion. Be confident and proud of your product. Be honest and aware of your thoughts and actions during this time, create and take action in authentic ways to share your passion with others.

I chose essential oil blends Believe, Rise Above and Valor, to support me this with this months energies. Valor to give me confidence and courage to Believe in myself, Rise Above my self limiting expectations and shine!

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