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October Energy 2021

October Energy starts with Libra Energy, think beautiful harmonizer. Think balancing, fairness, the scales of justice. This energy wants everything to be a beautiful symphony of collaboration; an elegant social event. This energy Seeks peace, harmony and cooperation from others.

Libra energy is in consideration of values, loves adorations and has a close relation with finances and material things. It is Cardinal air –which means, it initiates change in thoughts. But in a calming and beautiful way, using harmonizing and fairness to aid in the spread of ideas.

Libra is Ruled by Venus – the planet of love and beauty. Venusian energy is indulgent and attracted to the beautiful things in life/nature with focus on living the good life. So much so, it can lack the ability to distinguish wants from needs. Use caution with spending, consider the value.

Influencing Planets:

Mars and Mercury are in Libra for most of the month, which amplifies action oriented, yet diplomacy in communication. And with Mercury being in retrograde till the 27th, take a breath before speaking and expressing. Be in awareness of your tone. What message is it sending?

Special days to acknowledge:

10/6 – New Moon in Libra – during this time, focus on building stronger interpersonal connections and bringing harmony and balance to all things. and the Sun - the way we shine, show up, the Moon - what we need, Mercury - how we communicate and Mars - how we take action, will all be in Libra. Quite the planetary social event? Will they all play nicely in the energy? Will they be balanced and highlight each other? Be in consideration of balance and empowerment, as Pluto goes Direct get ready to go deep, work within this energy to bring harmony and alignment to yourself, your relationships and ultimately the Universe. Goal - find peace within oneself. Fyi, with Mars in this new moon mix, it is a great time for setting intentions and being bold about chasing your goals.

10/18 - Mercury goes direct.

10/20 – Full Moon in Aries puts fire under our goals and asks our inner leaders to step up and shine. Be Bold.

10/23 – The Sun moves into Scorpio. Scorpio energy will end the month. Think deep examination and intensity. Be prepare to go deeper, reflect back on this years harvest- - what you have learned, honored and owned on this journey.

10/31 – Samhain/All Hallows eve, when the vail is the thinnest between the realms. This is a great time to practice and come into connection with our intuition. Journal.

Retrograde soup:

Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury will all in retrograde at once. This month will start out rocky and then smooth out once Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury go begin to go direct. Buckle up.

To Do List:

Be in consideration of your finances, spend time in connection with yourself to evaluate your values. Take a walk out in nature, challenge yourself to see the beauty in all things and all experiences. Be Your Divine Self.

Monthly Mantra:

Do all things in Peace/love and Harmony

Energy Numerology of October 2021

1 - masculine, 0 - feminine *(technically is considered non-gendered, however, it is an even number and even numbers are feminine). look to balance and harmonize your masculine and feminine energies.

5 year - adventurous, questioning, master of change, curious, adaptable. The Hierophant is the number 5 card in Tarot. He is an advocate of learning, institutional and experiential. He acts as a messenger between realms, only giving as much knowledge as is needed at this point in the journey. He provides the keys, but it is up to us to experience the keys. Does what we have learned, align with what we have experienced?

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