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notes from my Journal: Sacral Chakra

This month has been about exploring and getting to know my Sacral Energy, my biggest take away is reminding myself that I am a sacred in physical and mental form and I must treat myself as such. Below is a short broadcast from my journal on my personal journey. I could not figure out to how to make it a different font, do I changed the color to purple. Enjoy

The Sacral Chakra is the 2nd chakra, it is considered a feminine energy, even though each chakra has a feminine and masculine properties. The Sacral Chakra is the seat of Shakti, the feminine aspect of Divine energy. This is the center of all creativity, whether giving birth to a child, a work of art or an experience.

...."Master Yolanda, I find it interesting, possibly a synchronicity that it has come to me, to study the Sacral, the 2nd chakra, during the 2nd month of the year, with 2 number 2.

See my Numerology notes below

Sacral energy is nurturing. I release the judgements of not being good enough. I release myself of the critical eye of what nurturing looks like. I get to chose how I will nurture. To nurture, you must come from a space of wanting the highest and best good for those, you chose to nurture, including yourself. This may at times mean letting them experience the wrath of consequence, to learn a hard lessons. And/or this may be providing shelter and holding space. PROOF your daughters are the bomb, smart, creative, independent etc etc!!!!

Sacral Energy is perceptive and creative. I release old perceptions of self and of others and my interpretation of those experiences. I release my thoughts that I am not creative. I get to chose how I will create. I chose to perceive, receive and express from my Highest Self. I have an abundance of creativity and I love to create; poetry, paintings, quilts, meditations, and emotional experiences. As a Reiki Master, I value that every experience is a creation and I have the power to create a positive experience for myself and for others.

As a numerologist, the number 2 represents the Supreme feminine energy, in all her grace and power. The number 2 is nurturing and it's objectives is to bring peace and balance through harmony. It is very intuitive, unifying and influential but can be indecisive and stuck when looking at both sides. The number 2 will put others before itself, in order to keep the peace. Sound like a mother to you?

i truly believe that being born a woman is the blessing, society allows us to show our nurturing energy AND to be warrior strong! In my brief study of the Goddesses, no matter the lineage, I have found that it is a balance between feminine and masculine energy, what your balance is, whether it be 50/50 or 40/60, is within your Divine Power. And that balance can change in relation and from experience to experience.

Explore without judgement, develop relation and connection, to harmonize observe and initiate creation.

I used to say I am a fixer, now I say, I am a creator.

The bottom line, don't go too far in one direction of giving too much of self, that you forget to replenish. Remember your creative energy so CREATE. If I am in a good space, I love Me as I am.

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