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November Energy 2021

Hello November! November Energy starts in Scorpio. The themes, darkness and shedding. Darkness that will be brought into the light for growth, deep exploration of self, rebirth and shedding of things that no longer serve you. During this time, stay hydrated, it will keep you grounded and assist with the shifts in energy. Seek meditation for grounding and self observation. Sign up for 10 free Guided meditation

Essential Oils for grounding - valor and gratitude.

Scorpio energy is a mysterious examiner and seeker of truths, things that need to be brought into the light. It is strong and not afraid to tear things down to be rebuilt for the better. I love Scorpio Season, so you would think this would be the easiest blog to create. However, that is quite the opposite, there is so much to share about this season, we can go really deep into exploration. This season in a nut shell, is about transforming and shedding what no longer serves us. Whether that be negative self thoughts, behaviors or people. During this season you may be drawn to dive deep into consideration of what is right for you, what you value, how you want to be seen. This season is associated with the death or dying away cycle of nature. She is dying away to make room for a better harvest during the next cycle. She has given consideration to what is right for her and is letting the rest shed off and die away. This is not done carelessly, thought, deep examination has gone into the decision of what needs to be shed. Truths discovered, uncomfortable they may been, but still uncovered for the better. During this season we want to come into alignment with those things that will bring us to our highest self in this moment. Don't be afraid to open the closet and take a deep look at those skeletons. Where did those wounds come from? Are they truth or fed to you by others? This energy is about exploration and destruction for growth. Dive in!

Numerology speaking, the number 11 is the master number of thought and Divine Intellegence. It is also a portal or a pillar gateway to the next realm or cycle in your path. It is time to level up, release what no longer serves and soar.

Special days to acknowledge:

11/1 - focus on alignment of self, diving intellect

11/4 - New Moon in Scorpio - be prepared to set some intention that will aid and guide you through this exploration and shedding.

11/11 - alignment amplified. This is a double master number, so be prepared for accelerated ascensions. Live in the experience of the transformation, note the discomforts and ease. Honor all you have done to be at this level, have self gratitude and love. Several of my teachers have referred to this day as a tuning fork. The vibration and sound that the fork makes can help to balance the body's energy, reduce tension and promote harmony.

11/19 - Full Moon in Taurus. Take a look at what you value, stay on top of your finances, set a budget for your savings account and pay yourself first. Develop a deeper relationship with your finances and values.

11/21 - Sun moves into Sagittarius - take note of what wisdoms you have gained through this transformation.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto - death and transformation and before Pluto was discovered, it was ruled by Mars. Mars is the planet of passion, assertion, anger and even separation. It is also the planet that symbolizes your sex life!

Scorpio, is the only zodiac sign with 3 symbols, scorpion, snake and phoenix.

scorpion - assertion, sting. Snake - shedding of skin. Phoenix - burning away what no longer serves you.

And it has been associated with 3 of the Major Arcana of Tarot.

Strength - reflects it's placement in the zodiac order, it is the 8th sign, indicating harmonizing and balance, inner wisdom and power.

Justice - reflects it's placement in the year, the 11th month, seek truths, especially self truths. Have the courage to be honest with yourself.

Death - reflects it's overall essence of death for transformation to grow.

It can be argued that the Wheel of Fortune can be associated with Scorpio as well, as the Phoenix is represented in the card as well. All the work that you have done to come into alignment, be in your truth and highest self, will pay off.

With all that going on during Scorpio season, your hard work will be rewarded, because you use your strength to uncover and discover uncomfortable truths about yourself. And let them die away and transform for vitality.

Retrograde soup:

Most of the planets are now direct. Only Uranus and Neptune are in retrograde. Uranus in retrograde has it ups and down, but ultimately for the positive. During this time, search of truth and right, step outside of your comfort zone, make changes and get comfortable being uncomfortable. Neptune in retrograde is associated with stripping away illusions that have clouded your vision and judgment. It can also help to increase your intuitive and psychic abilities.

To Do List:

Be honest with yourself, go deeper, what are you holding on to that no longer serves you? Release it. Are you where you want to be in this journey? Are you in your passion and personal power?

Be in consideration of your finances, spend time in connection with yourself to evaluate your values. Take a walk out in nature, see the beauty in this season of death and transformation. Be Your Divine Self. Be in observance of Truth

Monthly Mantra:

Listen Deeply/ Be kind to yourself

Energy Numerology of November 2021

1 - masculine, 11 master number, very intuitive

5 year - adventurous, questioning, master of change, curious, adaptable. The Hierophant is the number 5 card in Tarot. He is an advocate of learning, institutional and experiential. He acts as a messenger between realms, only giving as much knowledge as is needed at this point in the journey. He provides the keys, but it is up to us to experience the keys. Does what we have learned, align with what we have experienced?

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