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Resonance and Love

I had to share this song with you guys.

I have always loved Celtic music, movies and books, the story lines move me in such a way that I get chills.

I love and adore my pagan Celtic Ancestors. This month's exploration of Sacral and Goddess Energy has rekindled and lit a fire for anything and everything Celtic.

Society may say, I should resonate with Orishas, and I do! However, my Heart Channel opens up and soars with Celtic Pantheon. As I began my jump into various rabbit holes, eager to learn more. I stumbled across this song, I shift every time I hear it, I can't help but feel the burning of tears in my eyes. I feel the struggle of my ancestors as they fought for their religions, beliefs and traditions. As they fought to survive in their way of lives, connection to self and for their lands.

I love the culture and am looking forward to learning and meditating more with their wonderfully powerful energies.

This month has been about exploring and getting to know my Sacral Energy, reminding myself that I am a sacred temple in physical and mental form, mind and body. I am grateful and in awe of my bodies divine ability to emote, resonate and feel the nurturing warmth and welcome of these energies.

I have released and thanked many things that are no longer of service to me. Notes from my Journal

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