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Shining your Golden Light – Leo Energy

Welcome to the zodiac kitchen! Let’s mix up our Leo Energy Broth – you will need a large pot aka your vessel aka you, patience and a journal to take note of your journey during this season. Let's have some fun and create!

Leo Energy Broth Ingredients

· Our King - Leo is about shining, creation and expression. The energy is prideful and demanding, bright and powerful, loyal and royal. Leader Leo is creative and uses its creativity to create powerful movements, bringing the wisdom of many energies into 1 synergistic purpose with royal authority.

· Our Queen – So lets add a bit of Aquarian flavor to this broth. Aquarian Energy is brilliant, eccentric and brings out the innter rebel, though cause, think humanitarian. This energy is impersonal and detached and uses logic over emotion.

· Add a little Virgo, who is the Alchemist for this month and we are adding a flavor of support, thru intellectual analyzing. This energy is fun, for me anyway, it is about getting things more efficient and purposeful

· Full moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse on July 5th. You may notice that you are heavily focused on your goals and aspirations. Capricorn energy is about working diligently and seeing success as well as financial stability. Take advantage of this full moon to get some projects done..

· Sprinkle in more kindness and nurturing with the New moon in Cancer on July 20th.

Now that you have all your flavors in your inner pot. Meditate and Dance to harmonize the ingredients and Enjoy this energy. Remember the Sun is the ruler of Leo and just as the Sun brings light and warmth to the earth; that same energy shines brightly within and through the heart and soul of Leo and the season. You don’t have to be a Leo to shine your light on our community, on our Universe. Shine your beautiful golden light.

This reading is dedicated to Mikobin, thank you for sharing your insights with me. It is my honor to be working with you on your journey.

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