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Tarot Fun....Overall Theme of May

This is another fun layer that I use to set my intentions for working with the energies of May. See for the May Energies.

Overarching Energy:

Knight of Swords, clarified by the Death card, clarified by the Judgement card.


Three of Pentacles

Challenge Energy:

Two of Cups in reverse

Supporting Energy:

Three of Cups

Plans, decisions are being made, collaboration with others, to get the best benefit. Since the challenge energy is the Two of Cups in reverse, keep in mind to come from the heart in all of your mergers, relations and communications. Be in consideration of the importance of meeting 1/2 way in partnerships. Watch others to make sure they are coming from the same place as you.

The supporting energy, the Three of Cups speaks to community, collaborations and abundance. Ask for help, rely on your community possibly networking to get the greatest abundance.

My focus was immediately drawn to the Knight of Swords and rightly so, as it was clarified with Major Arcana cards.

Remember the Knight of Swords can be impulsive, do not be so quick to transform (Death) pause, reflect (Judgement) and then move forward with precision and determination.

I felt that the only clarification needed was for the Knight of Swords. However, Zooming out, there is a theme pointing to emotions (cups) in this reading. So I decided to pull clarifiers for the II of Cups and the III of Cups as well.

The VI of Pentacles clarifying the II of Cups, reminds us to be fair, nurturing and giving to yourself and others.

The VIII of Cups, clarifying the III of Cups, With the support of community you are freed to address, go out in search of, the remaining unknowns. Possibly decisions or ideas not yet completed. While there is still more to do, you have your ducks in a row; the journey, maybe tiresome. VIII of cups clarified with the V of Cups, focus on what you have and not what you have do not have. Lift your head, and see the abundance, the positive in what you have.

Look back at the Energies of the month and see how this reading layers to your journey for this month.

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