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What in the world...did she write on the mirror?

Day 15 or 31, I am really enjoying this challenge. Working my mind and body connection has been exhilarating and really gets my day going. The physical activity, jump starts my creativity, so much so, that I find myself, hoping I will remember all my ideas when I get back home. Don't get me wrong, some days, I don't want to, but then I recall my 31 day challenge; Adrienne, I challenge You, to be there for You.

During my walks, I have been listening to my Intuitive Mastery lectures, powerful stuff! The other day, I thought, wait, why not bring a note book and write down my thoughts and observations from the lectures. (smart, right)

Halfway thru my walk, my mind went to caution, what if someone decides, I look suspicious and decides to... it is frighten to even think it, but what if they felt a certain way and decided to approach me and.... I am a black woman, on the street alone. It is a shame that my mind went to this thought, but to be totally transparent, it did....

My walks are absolutely perfect, just the right amount of hills to burn the buttock and start a sweat. I found myself thinking; self, one of your neighbors has got to get a horse and then create a pond.

Today, I adjusted my route and found a horse farm and a little stream of water! It adds another hill, but I am ok with that!!! The extra sensory and beauty that those two things add to the journey enhance my experience and joy!

While I have been doing well on some aspects of my challenge, 100% on physical activity, Akashi Records and Reiki! I have to say that I have been slacking on one part of the challenge. Only 30% on the Mirror Activity (daily positive affirmations into the mirror) It is not that I don't have time or positives to affirm; it is that I haven't taken the time to do it. Isn't that crAzy! Here I am a holistic life coach for tween and teens, guiding them to be mindful, kind to themselves and teaching them the power of words. Ruh Roh. That is why I put a reminder on the mirror.

This is for me, in support of me and to be highest and best self for me and for my community.

Manifesting courage, kindness and self love.

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