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Working With the Energies of May

Updated: May 25, 2021

Players in the game: Exiting energy: Aries - active, enthusiast, assertive, fast acting, fiery, passionate Current energy: Taurus - methodical, practical, stable, concerns with material things, things of value Retrograde energies: Pluto - death to rebirth, transformation for wisdom Saturn - how you seek to establish yourself, lessons Mercury - communication, expression of thought Moon energies: Taurus - see current energy above Sagittarius - truth seeker, exploring wisdom thru education, freedom of mind Let's start with what we are moving out of. We are moving out of Aries energy which is about action, assertiveness, inspiration and passionate. I love Aries energy, I like to work with this energy and jump into action, reigniting old ideas and thoughts. It is very fast paced and can be impulsive. In addition, last month Pluto went into retrograde, so that adds a layer of introspection and transform to wisdom and enlightenment. NO worries, if you did not get a change to exchange with this energy, Pluto will be in retrograde until October 6th. Now, the King of the Month (what energy are we coming into). Taurus energy is very grounding and stable. Think of the bull, firmly standing it's ground. This energy uses methodical and strategic planning to maintain stability in movements and decisions. This energy is about values, material and sensual things. Things that make you feel safe. So, how do I exchange with this incoming energies? I like to use the Taurus energies to put a more practical spin on the ideas and inspirations, that I have just activated during Aries season; now that I am activating all these great ideas, let's pause and make sure they are stable, solid actions and at the same time, get some things off my to do list. Not impulsively, but with deep thought and reverence(Pluto). Venus rules Taurus, so I also will be looking at my values and relationships to material things, people and myself. What makes me feel stable; are my values true to me; what pleasures do I enjoy and what material things do I really need. I will use this time to consider purging things that are no longer serving me and to be nurturing and kind to myself. Lets see what energies the remaining players of the month will bring. On 5/1/21 Beltane(the Festival of Fertility) - a festival that celebrates the coming together of masculine and feminine energies, in abundance, to create new life, birthing new ideas, explore new possibilities On 5/11/21, the new moon energy in Taurus, with the new moon on the 11th day of the month, set intentions to come into a higher alignment with your values, family, career, financials and self. On 5/20/21 Sun moves into Gemini. Gemini is an air energy, a time of seeking information and connection. On 5/23/21, Saturn will be joining Pluto and going retrograde. For me, Saturn in retrograde means more consideration on how I will be establishing myself, in observance of my disciplines and lessons. Am I representing what I am preaching. 5/26/21 the full Super moon in Sagittarius expansive, exploration, truth seeker, personal freedom. I read somewhere that "Eclipses are harbingers of change". Expect revealing's and uncovering's of emotions and grounding them in reality. Lunar eclipses are the conclusion of emotional cycles that have run their course, and are no longer serving us. Use this emotional information as compost for your root. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so I plan to sit in consideration and gratitude for all that I have and will experience and learn through this journey. I will honor my compost. On 5/29/21, Mercury is jumping into the retrograde pool. Mercury in retrograde, will be quick, it goes direct 6/22/21, so for me I will use this time to revisit ideas and thoughts and have clarity of communications, career and financial plans. For additional layering check out my fun May tarot reading Students: pull out your syllabuses and calendar. Mark the dates of exams, assignments and other school work. Work backwards to strategize studying time and catch up on assignments left over from April's Energy push. Juniors and Seniors are you on track for your next move? Check here for a time line Notice I did not mention social time with friends and social media, that is next month during Gemini energy. Entrepreneurs: same as above with these substitutions, syllabuses = goals, exams = rank up dates, events, continuing educations; study time = boots on the ground. Take this time to speak with your upline or mentor about your exciting new business plans. My oily friends what essential oils I am using to support me with this month? Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender. Eucalyptus for the spa like feeling and to support my breathing. Rosemary for mental focus and clarity. Lavender for calming my energies and soothing any impulsive thought.

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