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Adrienne Bentley


Adrienne Bentley is a  Certified Veterinary ICU Nurse, Reiki Master, Reiki Practitioner, Mindfulness Mentor, Teacher and Teen Life Coach who specializes in helping people unleash their energy, empowerment & spirituality and uncover their true, authentic selves


Adrienne's Story

I did not know me, my values, my wants, my passion.  I struggled with who I was in everyone else eyes and who and what I wanted to be in mine.  I realized I needed to start with self, who am I, what is my purpose, what do I want to contribute.

As I continue to work on my mind – body connection.  My purpose has become clear; to guide and help others.  I am a caregiver, a guide and community is of value for me.  That is my passion, to learn, to share, to guide, to care. 

What I have learned is, without a clear vision of who you are and what you value, there will be struggles, some will seem insurmountable, you will fall prey to others opinions and life will happen to you.  These are lessons I wish I knew as an adolescent.   Along with setting boundaries of what I project out and receive from others.

What I have to offer, are my experiences, my practices, and how they have and continue to help me along my path. I love research and knowledge and the inner critic in me, wants to be the expert at all. 

However, the realization is that I will never be the expert, I will always be learning and growing.  And that is ok, because this is life, it is ever evolving and changing.  I will be forever learning, growing and experiencing new ways to be my highest and best self, in order to be of highest and best service to others.  Whether it be energy work, essential oils, astrology or crystals, I have completely surrendered.  I share what I have learned, am learning and my experiences of what has worked for me and others I have had the honor of guiding.  For me finding my voice, my values and my worth, has been a game changer.

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