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Welcome to Sage Connections Animal Reiki

This is a space where companion animals are honored, respected and acknowledged for their presence in our lives and all they do for us on a day-to-day basis.

The human-animal bond is special and unique. We choose them to be our companions and trust them with our deepest and darkest secrets.  They comfort us during our sorrows, make us laugh through our tears and bring us the joy of unconditional love.


They are part of our families and our bff’s.

What is it about animals that gives them the strength to take on our burdens, stresses, and emotions, along with their own?  Is it their unconditional love and compassion? Is it their innate wisdom? Or is it their primitive want and need to please us?  In my opinion, I believe it is all of the above and more.

Animals are powerful empaths, they can pick up on our moods, emotions and energies.  But despite their strength and power, the weight of these burdens, that they have willingly taken on, can present itself in the form of a physical condition. Depression, anxiety, hair loss, organ disturbances, etc.  Is it any wonder that their life span is shorter than ours?  That they age quicker?

Nurturing a Unique & Special Bond
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Cute Bunny
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Animal Reiki

What it is ...

Animal Reiki is a holistic avenue that allows our loved ones to release stress, past traumas, and unload emotions; a space where they are seen and heard in their perfect true state of unconditional love.  A space where they are acknowledged in gratitude for all the healing energy they provide to us. 

Sage Connections was created to pamper your fur family members, with the love and compassion of Reiki energy.  With the same level of care and love they provide for us.

During Reiki sharing, nothing is forced, I hold a space for them to remember their wholeness, their perfection.  This is done by setting my intention to reach the same frequency and level of care and love that they provide to us.

The Let Animals Lead Method allows them the freedom to maintain their boundaries, feel safe and have choice to initiate touch.  Animal Reiki sharing is a perfect non invasive way to give back, pay forward and show how much you love your companion

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Client Love

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"Nothing can cage our infinite soul's potential."

Kathleen Prasaad
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