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Awakening the Release of Shame

In honor of Summer Solstice

I invite you to shine your light into the darkest spaces of your existence, to create a relationship.

A while ago, I was asked to step out of my comfort zone and ask myself a tough question…

What makes you think you are not good enough?

I decided to create a relationship with this statement. Yep, I was truly ready to pick this baby apart and go deeeep. I mean, I am doing all the things, Reiki, meditation, mind body connection, etc but there was a certain amount of shame around these things as, it did not look like someone else and there was an element of procrastination.

So, you don’t think you are good enough because of that? Tell me more?

What is it that makes you feel less than?

Which led me to identify and get intimate with the darkest corners of my existence. Mother love. I was not my mom’s favorite and whether I knew it or not, I was looking for her acceptance. While also feeling the letdown of not being good enough to be seen and heard with that unconditional Mother’s love.

As I began to come into a space of awakening, I examined and continue to examine whether these things are, actually My Truth?

Take this time before we meet, Saturday 3:00pm EST, to shine some light into your darkest corner, connect to the shame.

Shining your light into the darkest spaces of your existence.

Dissipate the fog, for the sake of your Being

Illuminate the fog, for the sake of your Existence.

The shine starts from within.

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