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If you would have told me, this was on my path.....

Three years ago, if you would have told me that this was going to be on my path, I would have said no way. Me being interviewed on a podcast. Wait, what!

I am beyond gratiful and humbled to be asked to share my journey with reiki on Reiki Radio I have had the pleasure of working with and enjoying Yolanda Williams teaching and the community for over 3 years now. So, when she asked if she could interview me, I was tickled, humbled, honored and felt like I was being asked to the Senior Prom!

Yolanda has created such an absolutely wonderful space for practitioners and like minded people to come, share and be vulnerable with our learning of awareness, self connection and reiki.

I am eternally gratiful for this opportunity to share my experiences, I am both humbled and honored to share my Reiki journey on @reikiradio.

Yolanda, I appreciate you. You have shown me how to surrender to not knowing the next step, and to trust that the experiences are all part of this journey.

You can view the video and other energy workers in The Alchemy of Reiki

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