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Fiery April, Solar Eclipse

During this 4th month of 2024, stability will be a huge underlying theme for the month. Along with forward motion, taking initiative and follow through death rebirth to become us in a new way and yet remembering what we were.

We are starting and ending the month with the Moon in Capricorn, which brings a very productive energy, focusing on the bigger picture (to bring in efficiency) and getting things done.  The Sun in Aries will help us execute those challenging tasks that provide an essence of self-empowerment.

Having this “get ‘er done” mentality is a perfect way to harness the fiery, active nature of Aries. Let’s just talk about Aries and all the planets that are adding their seasonings to this month’s energy.  Remember Aries is a cardinal (initiator of….), fire (driving force, active, bold, identity) sign.  With Aries fire, we light the match.

On 4/8/24, we have the New Moon in Aries, which just so happens to be a Total Solar Eclipse.  The New Moon is about new beginnings, the beginning of a new phase and the ending of another. (life, death, rebirth).  At this time, our ego (Sun) and emotions (Moon) are in harmony (the same sign) with each other. Like a perfect marriage. 

Now the fact that it is during an eclipse multiplies these energies time 10.  Bringing them to an extreme level that can set the tone for years!  A tidal wave of unexpected events and possibilities, how exciting!

On this day alone, we have the Sun, Moon, Venus, North Node and Chiron in Aries, in the 10th House and Mercury in Aries in the 11th House. That is six celestial bodies providing their Arien flavor to the Solar eclipse energies. I am not even going to go into the energy of 6, other to say, it is about nurturing and harmony.

Now that is a lot of Fire!  The key is to keep it in harmony and consideration.

The Sun in Aries brings boldness and impulsivity, the Moon bring in the need to be respected and in control.  It is a great time to start new projects, kick off meeting, and get things off the ground.  Venus brings in self-satisfaction, in a sensual spicy salsa dance kind of way.  I get a vision of the Divine Goddess dancing and sprinkling her essence as she dances in her fire.  The North Node, well this is about not being afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and take action to meet your destiny.  And finally, Chiron, the wounded healer, adds the ability to assert oneself and to also realize this assertion can be a healing gift.  Chiron may also highlight the struggle with self-driven energies, causing self-doubt.   However, the presence of all of these other planetary energies in Aries, will not allow the whispers of self doubt to keep you stagnant in place.  Venus and the North Node are saying, “while it is hard to be self-driven and heal deep emotional wounds, continue through the struggle, as this is your destiny.  Stay within your enthusiasm of new beginnings and hold tight to your boldness, for it is your Truth”.

I know what you are saying, well what about Mercury? It is in Aries and in retrograde!  Yes, it is. And it is in the 11th House.  It is not saying do not move or communicate; it is saying something is coming back around for you to communicate differently, possibly with more tact and consideration.    Mercury adds the initiating and assertive communication of new ideas. So be aware of losing your temper during your communications.  Abrupt in your face, may not be the best way to get to your final goal.  Approach social interactions with tact and consideration, keeping your end goal in mind when presenting; take pause.  You will have to pull in your Libra counter energies, from the South Node, to be in consideration of relationships and harmony.  Thank goodness this Mercury in retrograde is in the 11th house of social awareness.

This is all in the first 8 days of April.  Keep your wits about you. Count to ten, document, journal new ideas, and have compassion and patience when delivering messages.  Drink lots of water and visit the ocean.

Future rabbit hole… you think the story of Chicken little, “the sky is falling, the sky is falling..” could have been during a Total Solar Eclipse….hmm…

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