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December Energy

Happy New Moon in Sagittarius.

This is a time in nature when things start to go inside, to nurture, to connect, to replenish. We are nature, so naturally we follow the cycles of nature. Go inward to replenish, reflect, acknowledge and honor our growth. Look ahead at what we would like to create next year. With that being said, look ahead with compassion.

The 12th card in the tarot deck is The Hanged Man and it is about perspective. This is a time of year when we tend to get depressed, things are wilting, dying away, dark mornings, grey skies, what if we were to take a lesson from The Hanged Man and alchemize our perspective to our benefit. Using the time to reconnect and focusing on what you love about this time of year. Like cuddling up under a blanket with a book, or loved one. And/or walks in nature, where you can see the forest and each of its layers and aspects, from the leaves to the bare branches of the trees. What makes up the forest?

This is a magical month as it ends the year, the end of a cycle. Allowing us to look back at all we have learned, how we have grown and where we would like to grow more. Sagittarius energy is the perfect energy for this type of growth. The energy is about shooting and reaching for the stars, setting our goals high and aiming for them. This energy is also about growth through experience and expansion. It asks questions like, What are we meant to learn from this? In what ways have we grown? Are they lessons to be applied? Sagittarius is the eternal seeker and student! Look at where you are and look at where you want to go, take this time to align the two.

This is a numerical month of creation, with multiple 33 portals! December is the 12 month, in numerology that reduces to 3; 3 is about creativity. 33 is known to be one of the most spiritual numbers, because it is a combination of both master numbers 11 and 22. Which means it encompasses the energies of both. It is very energetically and spiritually powerful. Make note of your experiences, dreams and intuitions. 33 is called the Master Teacher!

Special dates:

  • December 1st: Neptune Stations Direct - finally we are coming out of confusion and owning our intuitive insights

  • December 3rd: Alchemists of the Month, New Moon in Sagittarius and Solar Eclipse - this the first of our 33 Portals of Creativity - use your other senses besides vision to focus on your creative intentions and aim high, consider how you may use this inward reflection time to recreate our passions, self care and nurture your intuition

  • December 12th: This is the second of our 33 Portal of Creativity - be in consideration and honor completion of cycles. Take this time to connect with self and your values and create experiences that will highlight and honor your path. own and honor your growth

  • December 18th: Full Moon in Gemini - Gemini is the first air sign and mutable sign of the zodiac year. Its energy is bright, social, intellectual, and changeable.

  • December 19th: Venus Retrograde, in Capricorn - take more deliberate time for yourself, give yourself some special lovin'

  • December 21st: Sun in Capricorn, Winter Solstice and yep you guessed it, another 33 Portal - use this time to get more introspection and focus on your personal goals. The Winter Solistice is a time for manifestation of desires and expanding horizons.

  • December 30th: 33 Portal - the final one for this year, it is a perfect time for reflecting on this past year's journey, personal growth and visualizing the next steps in the path.

This blog is dedicated to my lovely daughter who was born at 3:33 12/4/00. Love you to the moon and back!!

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